7 Smartphone with Charge Duration Most Powerful Year 2017

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In choosing a smartphone, in addition to a high specification and design of smarphonenya, the duration of charging into a separate consideration for some people.

Currently a good variety flagship smartphone Android or iOS is equipped with quick-charge technology as well as USB-C can be used to speed up the process of charging the smartphone. Of the many smartphone, about who has the fastest charge duration?

Quoted from a test carried out Tom’s Guide, they have issued a list of premium smartphone with the fastest battery charging duration in 2017. For the battery charging time is carried out for 30 minutes and 60 minutes.


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In these tests, OnePlus 5T managed to obtain the highest rank in the smartphone with the fastest battery charging. Within 30 minutes, the OnePlus smartphone made successfully filled 59 percent, while one-hour power charged 93 percent.

Rapid battery charging process in OnePlus 5T supported by proprietary technologies. Unlike other Android smartphone that uses Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology, Dash Charge OnePlus has to flow of electric current higher to OnePlus 5T.

The second position was occupied by LG V30 by charging 53 percent for 30 minutes and 86 percent for 60 minutes. The three lower positions occupied by a trio of Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone X with 50 per cent, the iPhone 8 to 49 percent, and the iPhone 8 Plus with 47 percent for 30 minutes.

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Third Apple smartphone was tested with an optional adapter and USB powered 29 watt-C. When tested with the default adapter, the results were quite alarming. Within 30 minutes, the iPhone 8 only managed to fill up 30 percent, iPhone 8 plus 26 per cent and 17 per cent of X iPhone.

Then, who received ratings sixth and last in a test carried out Tom’s Guide? For the sixth position achieved by Google Pixel 2 by charging 38 percent for 30 minutes and the final position occupied by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by 35 percent for 30 minutes.

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From this test it can be concluded that OnePlus 5T with Dash Charge technology is able to charge faster than a smartphone with Qualcomm Quick Charge. Specifically for Apple users are advised to use other chargers Apple sold separately.

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